We are happy to announce the new '74PODCAST Series "Art on the Verge" in collaboration with Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

A mind-opening podcast series "Art on the Verge," hosted by Bryce Wolkowitz, will discuss the drastically changing dynamics of the art world in the wake of the pandemic, from the way art is produced to how it's presented and experienced. The series will also explore where creative thinking can take us and the potential of a collaborative culture in the new world.

Click here to listen to the latest episode with Sharon Coplan Hurowitz

Past episodes: 
Episode #8: Rich Kleiman
Episode #7: John Hanhardt
Episode #6: Edward Burtynsky 
Episode #5: Natasha Schlesinger
Episode #4: Oliver Jeffers
Episode #3: Paula Scher
Episode #2: Stephen Wilkes
Episode #1: Mark Lubell