Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is excited to announce Super Reliable, a solo exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by New York based artist Evan Robarts.

The exhibition's title, Super Reliable, references Robarts' early experience as a superintendent for a residential building in East New York. This body of process-driven work employs the materials and techniques utilized in his daily routines during that time.

For instance, his "mop paintings" are made by layering plaster onto colored linoleum tiles and mopping in repetition. The contrasting softness of the white plaster against the islands of brightly textured linoleum gives each painting a unique depth and variation.

Robarts' "line drawings" are constructed primarily of glass and rubber hose. The hoses twist through the glass creating lines that appear to float within space. These playfully irregular arrangements of line reveal a humor and absurdity through the unexpected juxtaposition of mundane objects.

At the heart of Robarts' work is the exploration of the dichotomy between art as a physical and a social construct. By employing objects and methods within the canon of manual labor, Robarts questions what materials and actions can be valued by society as art. In doing so, his works embody the ascension of mundane physicality into the realm of the sublime.

Robarts (b. 1982, Florida) graduated from Pratt with a BFA in sculpture in 2008. Recent exhibitions include Bank Gallery, Shanghai; Balice Hertling, New York; Vigo Gallery, London; Galerie Jeanrochdard, Brussels; Margulies Collection, Miami; and The Still House Group, Brooklyn.