The Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is pleased to present #BWGSummer, a group exhibition featuring highlights from the gallery's collection. Incorporating photography, sculpture, drawing, and new media, the show celebrates the diversity of our artists, while examining the interplay between these different mediums. From David Opdyke's microscopic machinations on daily waste, to Edward Burtynsky's massive scenes of industrial might, each work evokes an aesthetic urgency and shared sense of global connectivity. 

Edward Burtynsky is renowned for his large-format color photographs that document humanity's impact upon the earth, revealing scenes of powerful beauty and surreal devastation. He has work in the collections of over fifty major museums around the world, and has received many honors, including the TED Prize.

Ingo GŁnther repurposes globes to "map" and craft visual narratives. Each sphere depicts geo-political data, visualizing social trends and infrastructure which span international borders.

Ola Kolehmainen questions our built environment by photographing architecture in its purest forms, rendering it in abstract fields of pattern, light, and space. He does not manipulate the images, although their mesmerizing colors and repetitions often evoke a digital aesthetic.

David Opdyke takes a critical look at the decay in our political and social systems, capturing the tipping point between coherence and chaos. His intricately crafted sculpture and ink drawings are darkly humorous looks at a overdeveloped and upended world.

Alan Rath is known for creating robotic hybrids which fuse the animate with the inanimate. His machines blink, wink, and "watch" us, creating unexpected scenarios that question human beings' autonomy and privacy.

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