Dear Friends,

I am excited to share my plans to move beyond "Gallery Walls" and concentrate my efforts on the Metaverse and the expansion of opportunities in the digital world. Over the past 20+ years I have explored the intersection of art and technology - a specialty that has differentiated the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. These experiences have given me the perspective and insight to recognize this new chapter and an opportunity to continue to push new boundaries.

Going forward, my energies will be focused on collaborations with my present stable of artists and new initiatives. We are witnessing a transcendent movement in the art world - one that allows artists to showcase their work globally with the click of a button. 

I am pleased to offer a full range of services from the development of strategies for artists seeking to explore the NFT format, the acquisition of archives for deployment in Web3, the facilitation of partnerships between artists and digital development teams and associations with brands and companies seeking an authentic connection between art and commerce in these new virtual environments.

I look forward to continuing to work with private clients in the area of Art Advisory, building collections which often crossover into diverse media.

Additionally, I will facilitate site specific, large scale installations. I have long engaged with artists placing their work in such varied locations as public parks, corporate headquarters, universities, luxury retail developments and airports. I have strong ties with architects and designers who have supported both me and my artists to think BIG. 

With this in mind, I will continue to focus my expertise delivering immersive environments and the potentialities of AR and VR, which I have showcased in the past. I will be partnering with long standing gallery artists Stephen Wilkes and Yorgo Alexopoulos on new upcoming NFT releases. 

I have closed my doors on 24th Street and will announce my new location shortly. 

In the words of legendary Bauhaus master László Moholy-Nagy "Every period has its own optical focus". I hope that you will join me on this journey!

Warmest regards, 

Bryce Wolkowitz